How Does Green Tea Burn Fat Faster?

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In recent years, many new products have hit the market claiming to burn fat quickly and effectively. However, many of these items include potent ingredients which are unhealthy to ingest on a regular basis. In fact, products like diet pills typically include warnings to instruct consumers about their unpleasant side effects. If you have been attempting to lose weight or burn excess fat for a more toned and lean look, you probably want a better option to turn to.

The good news is, there is a safe and natural compound which researchers have discovered, which has tremendous fat burning properties. Yet, it has no side effects, and actually produces many added health benefits as well. What is this substance?

Green Tea Tablets Benefits

Green tea has been growing in popularity as more and more studies are released touting its powerful properties. You may be wondering, how does green tea burn fat faster? This is an excellent question which we will examine in further detail below.

How does green tea burn fat faster…

When answering the question of how does green tea burn fat faster, polyphenols are the short response. Also termed catechins by researchers, it is these powerful substances within green tea which lend it its fat burning effects.

Catechins don’t burn fat directly, but instead work to preserve and elevate another substance which does so. Green tea’s catechins boost the level of norepinephrine, also called noradrenaline, a catecholamine which allows your body to continue the thermogenesis process for much longer than it otherwise could. Normally, the enzyme catechol-O-methyltranferase (COMT) breaks norepinephrine down into the useless metabolite normetanephrine. This metabolite is simply passed out into the urine, and has no fat burning properties in the body. Catechins are able to block the working of COMT, thus allowing norepinephrine to work unimpeded for much longer than it otherwise could. This unique COMT blocking action is vital, as norephinephrine is one of the main hormones the body utilizes to metabolize fat. So, when asking how does green tea burn fat faster, the first answer is by sustaining norepinephrine in your system.

However, their is also a second answer to the question of how does green tea burn fat faster. Green tea contains naturally occurring caffeine as well, and this works together with the catechins to speed the body’s ability to burn calories. How does it do so? Even when not exercising, these compounds raise the rate of metabolism, causing you to burn fat even while at rest.

So, to answer the question of how does green tea burn fat faster is two fold. First, through norepinephrine preservation, which promotes thermogenesis in the body’s tissues. Secondly, green tea’s caffeine speeds the resting metabolism to increase calorie use, preventing the body from adding to its existing fat stores.

Now that the excellent benefits of green tea are known, the question arises, what is the best way to take it for maximum effect? While drinking the tea is a possibility, it can be difficult to obtain the level of catechins needed daily to get the results you desire. Researchers have found that supplement form is a tremendous alternative, as it is absorbed well by the body. Also, green tea supplements enable you to take it in a concentrated form, making it easy to get the large amounts quickly.

In conclusion on the question how does green tea burn fat faster, if you are need of a fat burning substance which is healthy as well, green tea is an excellent choice. Full of antioxidants in addition to its unique catchins, green tea will help you in your weight loss efforts and also promote well being in your body overall.

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