Green Tea Tablets Benefits

Green Tea Tablets

Green tea tablets contain higher concentration of natural tea plant extracts than a cup of tea. Fresh leaves of tea are rich in Polysachrides, Theanine, Saponins, Catechins, Caffeine and Polyphenols, which has many health benefits. Flavoniods and Polyphenols present in green tea extracts boost the immune system of our body and also contains many useful antioxidants like Epigallocatechin gallate which is more significant than vital nutrients. These pills are highly concentrated and manufactured in such a way that all the tea benefits are preserved in it.

Green Tea Tablets Benefits

Green tea tablets – A good fat burner:

EGCG Green Tea
It is known through many studies that consuming green tea tablets is very effective in burning cholesterols in our body. These green tea tablets contain theanine and EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) which help in losing weight. These Polyphenol compounds increase the metabolic rate and block the conversion of energy to fats, regulate the blood sugar levels, reduce the absorption of dietary fats in our body and also reduce the appetite for food. According to the survey report of USDA (United states Department of Agriculture) in 2007, Green tea tablets contain more flavoniods than any other health drinks or any foods. These flavoniods are a group of photo chemicals responsible for many health benefits like anti-oxidative functions, which increases the basal metabolic rate of our body by 4 % without increasing the heart rate.

Green Tea Tablets Benefits

Green Tea Tablets Benefits - Green Tea Extract Polyphenol
Polyphenols present in green tea extracts are known to induce thermo genesis, which is a process of converting stored fats in our body into energy, thereby stimulating fat oxidation. In a study conducted by American journal of clinical nutrition, it was concluded that daily consumption of green tea extracts containing 690 mg of catechins for 12 weeks reduced the body fat, which means that ingestion of catechins is beneficial in the improvement of lifestyle related diseases like obesity.

Green tea tablets- Reduce the risk of cancer:

Lots of research has been done and concluded that green tea may reduce the risk of cancer. The extracts of green tea contain a major photochemical known as EGCG, which is known to be good cancer fighting agent. Green tea also contains antioxidants known as catechins which inhibit the enzyme activities that may lead to cancer. Catechins present in green tea extracts help to repair damaged DNA that can reduce the risk of cancer in our body. These catechins also scavenge the free radicals, which helps in reducing the amount and size of tumors and stop the tumor cells growth.

Many researches have shown that, green tea extracts may prevent the risk of cancers of lung, pancreas, bladder, colon, prostrate, esophagus. In the sixth international conference on Frontiers in Cancer prevention, a research concluded that the Polyphenols present in green tea reduced the growth of colorectal tumors in rats that caused cancer.

Green tea extracts- “Enhances lifespan”:

According to a study conducted at the “Tokohu university of japan”, which included 40,530 Japanese adults in the age group of 40-79, for 11 years. In this study, people who consumed extracts of green tea had a 16 percent lower risk of mortality and 26 % reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases. It was also concluded in this study that green tea extracts contribute towards prolonging of life expectancy.

Green tea tablets-“Maintaining blood pressure”:

People who consume green tea extracts are less likely to develop hypertension than people who do not consume it.

According to a study done at queen Margaret University, between the age group of 19-37, who consume green tea tablets over short period of time reduced the systolic and diastolic pressure of a person.


Green tea tablets are known to reduce the blood sugar levels in our body. The Polyphenols and polysaccharides present in the green tea maintain the blood sugar and blood pressure levels. The flavoniods present in it boosts the immune system and keeps the body healthy.


Some extracts of green tea are chondoprotective, which means they protect the cartilage of bone. Consumption of green tea tablets is known to benefit patients with arthritis by slowing the cartilage breakdown and reducing the inflammation. According to a report published in April 2005 at the Case western reserve University school of medicine, Antioxidants present in green tea prevents and reduces the severity of rheumatoid arthritis.

Cardiovascular Health:

The compounds present in green tea work in many ways to improve the cardiovascular health and maintaining a healthy body. Green tea extracts may prevent the formation of bad cholesterols, which is responsible for a healthy heart. If the cholesterol levels are low in our body, the person is less likely to get stroke or heart attack, Polyphenols and other antioxidants are responsible for burning of fats and a healthy heart. Green tea is declared as “Asian paradox”, because of the lower rate of heart and cancer diseases in Asia despite of their food habits. This statement was concluded by researchers at Yale University School of medicine through 100 studies done on people of Asia. To mention the specific benefits of green tea tablets, the compounds present in it reduces the formation of plaque in arteries, thus improving the cardiovascular health.


Consuming the extracts of green tea regularly prevents the clotting of platelets in the blood. The catechins present in green tea tablets mediate the inhibition of cytoplasmic calcium increase which is responsible for blood thinning.

Cognitive health:

Frequent consumption of green tea tablets is associated with lower prevalence of depression and a sharp mind.

According to a Japanese study, the prevalence of depressive symptoms was reduced by 34 percent, in those who consume green tea everyday. Green tea tablets are mixed with some mind boosters along with some herbs can reduce the symptoms of depression.

Alzheimer’s disease:

The antioxidants present in green tea can protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease. It is concluded by scientists that epigallocatechin-3-gallate can decrease the production of beta-amyloid, which is a protein that forms plaque and scavenge the brain from Alzheimer’s disease. Consumption of green tea rich in catechins delays memory regression, reported according to a study.

Other health benefits:

Green tea tablets benefits also includes curing head aches and common cold. Green tea tablets improve the bone density, fight cavities, tooth decay and help in digestion. This supplement also promotes the health of teeth, skin and hair. People who consume these pills reduce the chance of any bacterial or viral sickness from developing. This health aid pills are considered to be powerful force against any type of food poisoning.

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